about me

 Hi I'm Meg & welcome to crochetti! A venture born out of lockdown, combining my love of crochet & homeware to create unique, handmade accessories to brighten your home! 🌸

Born in the beautiful North of England, I went to uni in Falmouth and have eventually found myself residing in SE London. I spent a few years working in fashion PR & events, but eventually took the plunge to switch careers and follow my dream of working in the music industry. I spent just over a year interning and freelancing at MTV, but with the current climate am now faced with searching for the next step.  

Here enters crochetti, an idea developed from years of thinking about how to start a small biz & wanting to make my best friend a cute gift for her birthday. Countless hours of keeping busy and the need to try and stay positive meant that now felt like the right time to give this a go.

I learned how to crochet through watching countless YouTube videos, and its safe to say I still don't know the half of what can be made from a hook and ball of yarn! I use the techniques I learned to create my own designs, so each thing I make is completely my own, created through hours of trial and error! 

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